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How to take care of your Tires / Tyres

Wheels, or tires (in terms of cars) has always been seen as most important invention of Human being. We @ carzoom India wanted to share some valuable tips to take good care of this part of your vehicle.

1) Check your tires pressure regularly at least once in a month coz the over inflated tires can damage quickly. By maintaining the tire pressure regularly and appropriately could not only save fuel but also helps you to hold a good control on your car while driving.

2) To protect the tires from getting frayed, it’s necessary to regularly check their walking depth. Replace the tire if the max tread depth of a tire has frayed to 1.6mm, a proper depth provides the maximum friction and grasp on tires.

3) If you are going to purchase new tires or going to replace the old ones, then you must check whether your wheel is balanced or not. This balancing will help in removing vibration, protects suspension, steering system and posture of your vehicle. If you feel your car’s one area is heavier or lighter than the other then it indicates the unbalance between your car’s wheels which definitely need maintaining.

4) One more step needs to keep in mind which will give a better control of car, if you are going to fit a new tire in your vehicle then fit it to the rear axle. The reason behind this is the disconnection of car’s rear wheels with the steering wheel which makes it intensely hard to determine their grasp while driving.

5) To assure the better command during sudden braking, better control on your car and better road handling, always fit the new and least frayed tires at rear axle.

6) To get better handling on road and also to save fuels, one must assure that vehicle’s wheels have correct line-up. It can be known by the suspension geometry, if it’s not even then it becomes necessary to check the tires for safety purpose.

7) This wheel line-up (wheel alignment) is necessary to done at every 5000-1000km interval depending on your car. For more info on this alignment or interval period, you must discuss it with your car service executive.

8) Rubber made valves and valve caps in your tires needs protection too, they also destroy over time and one must replace it at regular time period. A better conditioned valve and valve caps helps in preserving an airtight seal, correct tire pressure and extended tire life than obvious.

9) To supervise and store the tires accurately is a must follow step even if tires are not being used. Never store the tires in any store for a long time, also keep them in any non-flammable place. Keep the tires in dry and ventilated area by protecting them from directing sunlight; also keep them away from any chemicals etc.

10) Try to always go to a tyre checking specialist when you need to replace the tires. It’s necessary to check the tire’s internal condition which is not visible openly; also a tyre specialist will fit the tire properly and ensure the car’s comfort and handling.

11) One must know the time of replacing your tires and its service life. While a regular inspection of a tire is necessary, it’s also required to have the tire having life of within five years and have been inspected by the specialist at least once in a year.

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