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Ford EcoSport – Hiked Prices and Features Deduction

Ford EcoSport@ 6.79 - 10.44 Lakh
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Ford India is a well running brand and it has that champion in its hand which is being said a successful car in its segment i.e. Ford EcoSport. After launching this brand new SUV, the Ford has made a unique space in this segment too. EcoSport is being loved by car lovers and the company realizes it, probably this is the reason behind this hiked price of this SUV.

At the time of launching, EcoSport had the price range between 5.59-8.99 lakhs and this competitive price offered the Ford around 40000 bookings. As a result, Ford has closed the bookings for now due to these amazing bookings they have earned. And now Ford announced the price increment of 30000 to 50000(depending upon the variants) even without clearing these pre-bookings. It has been informed to those customers who have already booked the car that the price at the time of delivery will be applicable. Though it was clearly mentioned during EcoSport’s launch that the launch price is just introductory but still Ford should have provided the car at earlier price to the already existing customers.

Its not that the prices of other cars in its segment have not increased, but they have at least given leniency to their already existing customers. Ford has not even stopped here; also after the price hiked, it has now removed two key featuresfrom EcoSport’s titanium version i.e. Keyless Entry & Push Button Start. The buyers can get these features now only in titanium option pack version which is around Rs. 80000 costlier than the titanium version. It clearly means, spend more money and get these additional features.

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It is being said that this revision in prices has done due to the rising in input prices because of rupee decline, inflation but the customers can understand clearly that it is their tactic of sales, first they attracted the buyers with lesser price as well as various luxury features and then announced the cost increment and features deduction.

Now the customers who have already booked this SUV have two options; either they have to compromise on increased price with feature deductions and wait for the delivery of car, or they can cancel the bookings and lose some money from booking amount in the form of cancellation charges.

All we can say that Ford has a very good reputation among Indians and such type of business tricks will somehow only harm this image. Now it will be interesting to see the result of this price hiking as well as omitting features. The demand of this branded SUV could be reduced too, as there are other options available for the buyers in Indian car market like Duster, Terrano etc.

The list of revised prices of Ford EcoSport as well as its features detail can be obtained from:


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