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Fiat Avventura – User Review

Fiat Avventura@ 6.30 - 8.55 Lakhs
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2014 has been a year in which many new cars were launched in SUV segment and hatchback segment but crossover witnessed just one launch i.e. Fiat’s Avventura. Apart from Fiat Volkswagen with its Cross Polo and Toyota with Etios cross also tried their luck but didn’t get appreciation from buyers. Avventura is based on Fiat Punto EVO which is getting mix applause now could Avventura show us something different or it will join Etios cross and Cross polo? We manage to talk to some Avventura users and people who took test drive of Avventura, let’s see what they have to say about Avventura.

User's Asked Question


Well Dressed Compact Crossover: One user who just got his new Avventura was truly impressed with its outer beauty especially by the front of it like smoked headlamps; wide black front grille which complements the design.

Good looking budget Crossover: According one user who test driven the Avventura has said, “I always wanted a SUV but most of them were out of my budget so I went for Avventura which suits my budget as well and good looking as well”.


Pick up could have been better: A person who took a test drive of Avventura sharing his experience with us, He said “Avventura might be good looking but pick up is not impressive engine seems quite lazy till 1500rpm and when try to push harder than engine start making noise and you can hear it clearly inside the cabin, Eco Sport is much better in this department”.

Old wine in new Packaging: As per one user who test driven the Avventura has said, “Avventura is nothing but a Punto EVO in new cover, Avventura has nothing new in terms of performance, Fiat is still banking upon its award engine which is now too old, price is the only positive that Avventura has”.

Sloppy Interior Quality: Interior equipments are quite unusual but that’s not the issue, in order to introduce these equipments quality has been compromised like seat upholstery is basic, material used on dashboard looks dirty and door handles are below average”.

Sales service and dealer network: The Italian car manufacturer always been under radar for not so good sales service apart from that Fiat’s spare part is very hard to find and dealer network is still under development phase. Some users told us their horrific story about their service experience with Fiat, so company has to work on this to gain more reliability among the buyers.

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