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Expert Review of Audi RS5

Audi RS5@ 91.0 - 99.0 Lakhs

The hottest set of wheels launched just a few days back on 2 july, the Audi RS5 is not a car for the ones with a weak heart! This is not a car you would like to take to your daily commutes, instead this is a car you would use to break those commutes into some action packed sessions of fancy living.

If you have money and you are spoilt for real madness on wheels then this is the car you would never mind blowing your money on and whynot! It’s new, and its aggressive as hell.

The first few things noticeable about this car were its refreshed look, aggressive feel and the thunderous exhaust sound. The looks of this coupe are all mean and performance to throw many cars to shame and out of league to even stand against it. The 2013 version blows like a rocket and trust us, nothing is being exaggerated over here, this car sounds like a heavy metal song with exhaust notes so baffling, seems like this 4.2 litres engine is on dope! This beast sounds scarily and exhaust flaps actually add the extra punch of the details to the sound, even at idle run.

The blip sound and little explosion it makes while shifting up and down is just too fab and this car accelarates much menacingly than it sounds,in a blink. The drama doesn’t end here, put this car in dynamic mode and you listen to its growl, but put it on sport and this car goes mad like a t-rex, this car comes equipped with a launch control for those insane launches to 5000rpm and teaches you to make an artful lesson in understatement

For if the visual candy of the RS5 was not enough, some people fell flat for when they opened its bonnet to had a look at its mill and found out those red cam covers and carbon-fiber encrusted intake manifold for extra visual and eternal treat.

The instrumentation of this car is too impressive with all black theme and red bucket seats for the extreme sporty feel and comforts while you exploit its all 8 cylinders, and also the discomfort of your neighbors while they experience the worst nightmares of those burning rubber smell. This car has a lot of power and with Quattro and torque vectoring system in command, the wheels get a grip which can be experienced like never before

Besides, this car is like a zombie, dead sure to be immortal and can make you tired out of all those burning and Smoking sessions with it on streets, testing your skills on it and on your own.

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