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Datsun GO – User’s Asked Questions

Nissan Datsun GO@ 3.00 - 5.00 Lakhs
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1. Current status of Datsun GO is?

This entry level hatchback was launched in 2014 in the Indian Market. Datsun brand has made its comeback to the Indian automobile industry with the launch of GO hatchback after three decades.

2. On which date, Datsun GO was launched in India?

Datsun GO was launched on 19th March 2014 in Indian Car Market and the airbag equipped variant has been introduced with deliveries expected around the third week of July 2015 and will be delivered to the customers by 2nd week of August.

3. What is the body type of Datsun GO?

The Datsun GO is a Hatchback.

4. How many color options Datsun GO get?

The Datsun GO is available in five different colors in India-Sky, White, Silver, Grey (New) and Ruby.

5. What about Datsun GO’s transmission; just gets a manual or an auto gearbox is available too?

Datsun GO is available only with 5-Speed manual transmission.

6. Datsun GO is available only in petrol or in diesel as well?

No, this hatchback is available only with petrol unit.

7. What are Datsun GO’s engine details?

In Petrol Trim
Engine Type: 3 Cyl, 1.2L, 12V DOHC engine
Engine Size: 1198cc
Max Power: 67.06bhp @5000rpm
Max Torque: 104Nm @ 4000rpm
Transmission: 5 Speed MT

 8. What price range does Datsun GO carry?

Datsun GO Pricing (ex-showroom Delhi):
Petrol Variants: Price (INR)
Datsun GO D Rs. 3,23,542
Datsun GO D1 Rs.3,26,137
Datsun GO A Rs. 3,59,043
Datsun GO T Rs. 4,04,912
Datsun GO T(O) Rs. 4,19,912

 9. Please inform about the on-road price of Datsun GO.

Datsun GO Pricing (On-Road Delhi):
Petrol Variants: Price (INR)
Datsun GO D Rs. 3,65,220
Datsun GO D1 Rs.3,68,010
Datsun GO A Rs. 4,03,403
Datsun GO T Rs. 4,52,739
Datsun GO T(O) Rs. 4,69,473

 10. Please tell the mileage figure of Datsun Go plus – ARAI-certified, highway and city-road?

The mileage of your car depends on multiple factors like road condition, driving style, maintenance of the car.

Engine type ARAI/Highway km/l City km/l
Datsun GO Millage (Petrol)         20.63     17.0

 11. What is Datsun GO’s tyres size?

Front – 155/70 R13 (Tubeless)
Rear- 155/70 R13 (Tubeless)

 12. What is the ground clearance of Datsun GO?

Datsun GO has 170 mm of ground clearance.

13. Which suspension system Datsun GO is coupled with?

Front: Macpherson Struts with double Pivot lower arm

Rear: H-type Torsion Beam

Its suspension offers a balanced ride and flexibility which makes it worth to drive. Go hatchback can move over the potholes and speed breakers with two on board and boot full of luggage without showing any sign of being over loaded.

14. Inform about the safety features available in Datsun GO.

Datsun Go comes equipped with driver side airbag ( Top variant only), 3 Point ELR front seat belts, child lock, Central locking (manual) headlamp leveling device and two point seat belt (rear central). The drawback in Datsun Go is the absence of ABS which is not even present in the top-end variants.

15. What is the top speed and acceleration of Datsun GO?

The pick-up of the Datsun GO is also promising as it has the biggest capacity engine in the segment. It takes 13 seconds to reach 0-100 km/h with top speed of 130 km/h.

16. Can I get the brief listing of common & unique interior features of Datsun GO?

At inside the cabin, company has done some wonderful experiments in this hatch like the equipping it with the mobile docket on dashboard along with the USB charging and Aux-In portability at side, though Bluetooth connectivity is missing. It is also featuring manual AC, manual central locking, power windows at front etc.

Further, it offers various packages of accessories as per the people’s daily need. These accessories packages include Women Edition, Family Package (in two different packs), Sporty Package, Trendy Package and Essential Package (in two different packs). One will have to pay some extra bucks to avail any of these packages.

17. What is the boot size of Datsun GO is?

Datsun GO has 256 liters of car boot.

18. Is Datsun GO a five-seater or seven-seater?

Datsun GO is a five-seater hatchback.

19. Which are the other alternatives of Datsun GO in car market?

Datsun GO competes with Maruti Suzuki Alto, Hyundai Eon and Nissan Micra in the Indian market.

 20. What is Datsun Go estimated maintenance/ repair cost?

Datsun Go Petrol Cars Maintenance Charges

Service KM Months Free/Paid Price (in Rs.)
1 5000 1 Free 0
2 10000 6 Free 1,248
3 20000 12 Free 1,638
4 30000 24 Paid 2,248
5 40000 36 Paid 4,788
6 50000 48 Paid 2,248
7 60000 60 Paid 2,638
8 70000 72 Paid 2,248
9 80000 84 Paid 5,538
Estimated cost 7 years 22,590



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