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Datsun Go Plus – User Reviews

Datsun GO Plus@ 3.79 - 4.81 Lakhs
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Last year when Nissan re-introduced Datsun brand in India in order to expand company’s network in India, Firstly Datsun launched Go hatchback in the country with very affordable price but with no safety features. This year Datsun tried their luck in MPV segment with extended version of Go hatchback dubbed as Go plus which has seven seating capacity. So, after presenting to you all the features and reviews of Datsun Go-plus, it’s time to bring you the reviews from people amongst you in this user review segment.

User's Asked Question


1.  Big car at killer price:
Datsun Go plus is a complete family car though it is slightly compact but can easily accommodate 5 adults and 2 kids. Despite of loaded with 6-7 members some users are getting good pick up and efficient mileage near 19 KMPL.

2.  Pleasant drivability with good engine performance:  
Datsun Go plus might have small engine despite of a big body structure but when a user who drove Go plus told us that it is as good as other MPV in drivability considering the price and somehow excel in ride and handling department too.

3. Fuel efficiency:
What attracts most of its customers and people who took the test drive of Go plus is its mileage, Datsun claims that this MPV can deliver 20.62 KMPL mileage and customers are getting almost same mileage as well.
Apart from the mileage some of them were impressed by the space, features in such a budgeted car.


1. Poor insulation level:
People who test driven it came with almost similar problem of outside noise, main reason behind this problem is the poor cladding. Some of them told us that as they cross the 80 km mark the noise inside the cabin becomes unbearable and even tail pipes start to vibrate.

2. Bad interiors:
Datsun Go plus MPV is surely a budget and worthy car for middle class but a buyer also wants good interiors with good quality if not the best. Go plus carries a simple, in fact too simple interiors which is further dented by limited feature list. Quality of plastic inside the cabin is below average.

3. Limited space availability:
Datsun Go plus is a seven seater car but the truth is it’s a comfortable 5 seater car with last row can be used for luggage. One user who has family of 7 people bought Go-plus is having a hard time whenever he goes out with his family. Even the unique bench seat at the front seat is of no use, moreover it obstructs while making downshifts to the car.

4. Safety concerns:
What disappoints most of the customer and raises concern when they came to know that Go plus is not even equipped with basic safety features. Despite of Go hatchback’s failure in crash test Datsun not even thought of bringing basic safety features such as ABS and airbags to Go plus.

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