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Chevrolet Sail Hatchback- Users Review

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Chevrolet has launched refresh Sail U-VA with a new name ‘Sail Hatchback’ by dropping the U-VA badge in the month of September between the price of 4.41-6.81 lakh.  Sail is powered by the same engines of its Sedan sibling which are known for its good performance. Sail hatchback has been liked by our experts and critics on some points while some needs improvement. We got some new owners and test drivers of new sail hatchback who have to say something good and bad.

What did they like the Most?

On road brilliancy: One user who bought 1.2L LS recently driven it for few hundred kms was impressed by the initial pick up of the car, short gear throws and overall drivability of Sail hatchback. He had driven it bad roads and find steering wheel light and handling very smooth even in heavy traffic areas.

Spacious Chevy Sail hatchback: One user who is a travelling freak who travels on weekly basis with his family was looking for a spacious car and bought new Sail hatchback and was so happy with what his new car has to offer. He said, “Sail Hatchback is a complete family hatchback which can comfort 3 adults at rear with ease and front seats are like Chevrolet Cruze with good back support”.

Excellent Diesel Mileage: A user who owns 1.3L Diesel were truly a fan of Sail hatchback, he said, “Sail hatchback is best car money can buy it looks decent with great ride and handling, most impressive point I liked is its fuel friendly nature. I got around 21.2 km/l mileage which justifies my decision in buying this car”.

Things that users didn’t liked at all:

Irritating Cabin Noise: Most of the users complain about the high NVH levels in the cabin of Sail hatchback, most of them felt air noise, engine noise inside the cabin which becomes annoying after one level. Some of them also felt as they drive their car on bad roads noise gets louder and crabby.

Refreshed but Dull as ever: According to some users who shared their valuable thoughts with us feel that though vibrant colors and Cruze like front look is good but still they think Sail hatchback is too simple for the competition against Elite i20, grand i10 and new Swift, more changes should have be given, especially to the rear side.

Average interior Quality: In the recent up gradation by Chevrolet in Sail hatchback main focus was towards in the interiors but some of the users and test drivers still thinks that interior combination have improved but quality isn’t. One of them said, “Black beige combo is better than before but quality still needs to be improved, placing of power windows is complicated short and medium height people will first have to find out that buttons, plastic used inside the cabin is of poor quality”.
User experience can vary from extreme negative to positive so while you take any decision make sure to check both pros and cons of Sail hatchback.

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