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BMW X5 – Critic Reviews

2016 BMW X5@ Rs70.9-75.90Lacs
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So, after giving you a cut-through of the 2014 BMW X5 through our launch news section, then comparing it with most of the market topping luxury-SUVs and an upcoming SUV as well, here we are to give you a sound and critical overview of this new mean machine which took its much needed facial surgery just now. What our critics think of it, its low and high aspects etc. are going to be unveiled in this section of our cover story of New 2014 BMW X5 after having a one-on-one session with the car.


  • Edgier than ever design elements with a sporty, sleek and hugeness hiding stance of the body
  • New facial touch-ups with added Titanium finish on bonnet, windows, back, and front profile.
  • More punchier and capable engine which sounds beastly and feels nothing less than petrol in grunt and punch.
  • Interior development clearly visible with much appreciated and blending work of fine wood, beige and rich leather.
  • Comfort levels are on par excellence with enough goodies for all the passengers
  • More driver comforted cabin reach-ability.
  • More focused on driving, handling and safety with commendable features for the same.
  • Slightly longer than the previous model for longer wheelbase, stability and added room for second row passengers.
  • Some old features are left to stay for more oomphatic appeal from the car.
  • Overall efficiency of the vehicle to be pure bliss.
  • Speed sensitive steering wheel for better controls.
  • Lighter than before for better ergonomics, performance and efficiency.
  • Transmission system seems to be just great with better stop-and-go traffic abilities.
  • BMW’s xDrive driving mode options are here for your mood swings shown through your driving.
  • Price feels just the right.

User's Asked Question


  • Low profile tyres means less rubber, and that means less number of rolls they are going to endure on rough Indian roads. Tyres are going to shred very soon, though in total grip until new.
  • Even with an increased length, third row of the car looks clumsy, uneasy and accommodating two fully grown  adults would be an issue
  • Engine is good but engines with same capacity and better power and performance figures are available.
  • Steering wheel might be speed sensitive but feels tight most of the time.
  • There’s a fair amount of body roll in the car and hence, cornering is better than before with reduced weight, but it could have been even better.
  • Overall looks of the car seems to be fragile and delicacy seems a bit uneasy deal with this SUV made for gold-dipped spoilt brats.
  • Not a rugged off roader.
  • Infotainment system lacks added functionalities you could get from an Audi or a Mercedes Benz.
  • Very simple and analog clocks in the generation of LCD meters.
  • Rear assembly of the car reminds you of the much cheaper X1 and X3, which could have been worked to make more appealing and sharp.

Final  Verdict

This car, as most of them out there, has its own plus and minus points, but still, with most of the positive and rejuvenating highs and seemingly and practically negligible lows, this new and improved SUV is certainly a league apart from the regular market rivals. It’s here to stay.

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