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BMW 7 Series – User Review

BMW 7 Series@ 92.92 Lakhs - 1.40 Crores
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About The BMW 7 Series! Well to be honest, we loved it, our expert’s team too and they can’t even get its prominence out of their respective minds. It’s new, its mean, but for its driver. And its ultra sheer in cabin class for the person reclining on the rear seats.

A totally valuable vehicle for if you are spending a great deal of money over a crore. But, we really wonder if it creates the same kinda buzz in the minds and hearts of the ones who actually are capable of being acquainted to it or not? Let’s move down and check out what some of them have to share with us about it.

“You don’t buy a sports car that is luxurious and roomy and vice versa, but you surely can buy a luxury car which caters an equivalent performance. And this is what this 7 series does,” says one of those many young enthusiasts, for whom power and class go hand in hand and hence he test drove this uber classy 7 star and was nearly taken aback for what he experienced the next moment. He won’t talk much, but he had this huge smile on his face and was like, “I am really astonished the way these Germans make such ravishing cars and they bloody know how to tackle the Indian taste, they just do it all perfectly!” Moving further, he was on much ease saying he won’t bother much with the stuff this car provides to the driver as he is not gonna make that seat warm, but his driver will so he was a bit concerned about the driving dynamics of the car. But then, was really oomphed the way his driver is going to enjoy his job behind those wheels, in total control and surrounded by all those tachy-tachy stuffs. He won’t mind that comfort given to the driver as he is made sure of the comfort levels he is gonna achieve behind, on those seats of sensations and was really exhilarated over this car and we are sure, he is going to make it as a happy customer really soon.

A lot of other customers were there to ask from, about this car. It actually is a very good sign of its popularity that people are taking a keen interest in this car, even being an over 1 crore car. And as a collective remark we got to encounter, people really are happy driving this car and the range of features it provides. The funny thing is, some of the lady customers, or company to the male buyers were worried, if its gonna hit the road crossing those bumps and patchy stretches of road because of its length and for its ground clearance looks very small. This might be the problem with some, as driving a huge car in India is not an easy task, but enjoying those long jams in total royalist way is different matter, which most of its customers are gonna do here. So no worries!

Asking some more motor-geek-riches, we got to know that they too, like our experts think that there is vacancy of many a features which some of its competitors are providing very easily. A businessmen from Hyderabad even said that he liked the, still to come, Mercedes Benz S class, for its unmatched cabin facilities and comforts but just can’t think of buying an engine other than that of the Bavarian’s. That really means a lot. But that doesn’t really mean it lacks finesse, he actually demands some additional features like the telephony and WiFi hotspot facility or even a feature in comparison to Merc’s ambient lightening feature, which could have really help gaining more attentions than this car now does, and it does it well!

So all in all, this car in the customer’s remark will be purely tested over its comfort for creatures and backbench opulence than driving dynamics, which will be stressed upon only by the ones driving themselves or worry enough of their security and safety. But, we would really add this comment from this guy, says,”this car’s lazy labels act as magnets to attract you, but if you really own a BMW and respect its engineering, you gotta stop being a lazy ass and grab those wheels to know what you have been missing all this time. The real adventure is there, in the front right corner”.

And with that notion, we really believe this time that this car will sell more and more, and not just for its ease, but for its crease as well. And if it really is your cup of tea, then its really uncool of you still wastes your time thinking. The world is there to be explored, go do it in total luxury!

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