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Home News and StoriesBajaj RE60 renamed as Qute, to be exported to 16 countries

Bajaj RE60 renamed as Qute, to be exported to 16 countries

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Bajaj auto has officially dubbed its first Quadricycle RE60 as Qute and launched it for $2000 (Rs. 1.32 lakh). But the Quadricycle is not yet ready for the Indian market as Bajaj is facing some hurdles to receive the clearance certificate from the respective authorities especially from the Supreme Court. The RE60 aka Qute was initially showcased at 2012 auto expo but faced serious criticism on safety grounds and number of PILs are also responsible for its delayed launch.

Bajaj now claims that Qute is the first made in India Quadricycle to meet European Quadricycle norms and get the European WVTA (Whole Vehicle Type Approval) certification awarded by RDW Netherlands. But before you get excited, the Qute will be exported to 16 countries across Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin America. Sales in the domestic market will commence only after the clearance from the court.

The company has already started production of the vehicle at its Aurangabad plant which has an annual capacity of 60,000 units.

The Qute will be available with 2+2 or 3+1 seating configurations and measures 2722 m in length, 1312m in width and 1651 in height. The light weighted 400kg Quadricycle is powered by a 216cc, water cooled, single cylinder petrol engine producing [email protected] of power and 19.6Nm of peak [email protected] and comes equipped with a 4-speed manual gearbox.

The manufacturer claims that the Qute aka RE60 delivers 35kmpl along with CO2 emission level at 60g/km. Bajaj also claims the Qute can attain 70km/hr as top speed. Mahindra will also launch a Quadricycle by 2017 but till then the largest three-wheeler maker will enjoy the monopoly in the segment.

Rakesh Sharma, President, International Business, Bajaj Auto said, “Over the years, the Bajaj RE has become a part of the social fabric in many countries. Apart from being an effective last mile transportation solution it also provides employment to millions. With the Qute, we are now raising the bar and ushering in a new solution of transportation that is cleaner, safer and more comfortable. Our partners across Asia, Africa, Latin America and Europe are excited about the growth opportunities that Qute can bring for us.”

Abraham Joseph, CTO of Bajaj Auto said, “We have applied all our two-wheeler expertise of light weight vehicle engineering and super-efficient powertrain technology based on DTS-i, to create the Qute. We use a high strength steel body along with impact resistant plastic closures to achieve this. The small displacement high performance 4-valve engine uses closed loop fuel injection and triple spark ignition.  Coupled with the 5-speed gear box, it gives outstanding fuel efficiency and emission performance. The engine is water cooled for long life.”

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