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AMT to be the part of 30 Percent of Passenger Vehicles by 2020

Automatic manual transmission is becoming popular day by day in Indian automobile industry with various car manufactures implementing this technology. Automatic transmission is being offended for less fuel efficient than manual transmission but thanks to technological enhancement it is become a first choice for car manufactures.

Do not correlate automatic transmission with AMT because both are different things, AMT is a manual transmission with electro hydraulic mechanism and electronically controlled system. AMT is not clutch-less transmission, it contains clutch but no clutch pedal.

In the current scenario, Magneti Marelli the Fiat Own group automotive component produces AMT kits from Italy as CBU (Completely Build unit). At present only 1-2 percent of cars are equipped with AMT feature but by 2020 30% of cars are likely to be equipped with AMT technology. By seeing the huge demand of AMT Magneti Marelli is planning to set up a new plant in Manesar, Haryana to supply AMT kits to ASEAN countries and Japan.

Maruti Suzuki Celerio is first car to get AMT which was launched earlier this year and went on to become huge success. As a result of this success the waiting period of Celerio went up to 5-6 months. In the recent time Alto K10 also got the AMT kit which is probably among India’s fuel friendly car with the mileage of 24.07KPL. Tata zest alone Diesel compact Sedan also got AMT kit and its waiting period is also long. Apart from these cars, some other cars will arrive with AMT version in near future like Mahindra’s Quanto AMT, Renault’s entry level car etc.

Here are the few things you should know about AMT:

  • The cost difference between Manual and AMT is Rs. 40,000-50,000 and it not a clutch less system only Clutch pedal is absent.
  • AMT can only be factory fitted and it can be added to any manual transmission.
  • AMT is a combination of Hydraulic mechanism and Electronic control unit.
  •  Car manufacturer prefer AMT over automatic transmission because they didn’t have to replace manual transmission get an AMT which is not in the case of automatic transmission.
  • AMT is more fuel friendly than manual transmission and way better than automatic transmission which reduces mileage of a car even by 10% or more.
  • In this AMT version clutch need not to be pressed which result in stress free driving especially in heavy traffic and slow moving traffic scenario.
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