BMW M6 Gran Coupe – Critic Reviews

Auto Expo 2014 BMW M6 Gran Coupe Exteriors Front View
Auto Expo 2014 BMW M6 Gran Coupe Exteriors Front View

BMW’s M6 Gran coupe is something which evokes us to say one word and that is Awesome. Its great styling, stunning exterior profile and outstanding on-road performance has impressed the critics as well. Here we are listing out the main points which critics like and dislike. Let’s have a critic look.


– Powerfully built engine with much impressive power and torque.

– A fast…really fast car. One should better careful while driving but soon people will be familiar with its such a quick mode and will thoroughly enjoy then.

– Firm yet pleasant ride, its driver will love its razor sharp steering and form fitting bucket seats.

– BMW offers it’s inside cabin wrapped in finest leather and with premium quality materials which gives a super royal feel after sitting in it.

– Loaded with many latest in technology features making the luxury model even more luxurious.

– A stupendously fantastic n glaring glimpse, one just can’t stop himself from staring it even on the middle of road.

– A prettiest model of Gran Coupe segment.

– Thanks to its low height, it’s beautiful carbon roof is easily noticeable and complementing the stunning profile of this M6 Gran Coupe.


– Though, people who are capable to buy a 8 figure cost car will have no issue with its purchasing price, but still its maintenance cost is much costly which can definitely be an issue for everyone.

– Sometimes, the idle-stop feature lags on engine startup.

– The less height of M6 Gran coupe makes it rear seat’s headroom cramped which creates trouble for tall 6 ft people.

– BMW calls its rear seat for 2+1 but actually it is just for two. Though, considering the target audience of BMW’s this car, they normally use rear seat for two only.