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The Real ‘Jeep’ is coming soon!!

Jeep Grand Cherokee@ Rs.93.6 Lacs - 1.12 Cr.

In a country like ours, where the term ‘Jeep’ means an open top vehicle with big balloon tyres and a lot of showoff and attitude, it’s going to be a watchful experience how the real ‘Jeep’ pulls off in to a market like this with their version of SUVs, one of which goes off-roading in total luxury and while the other performs considerably well according to its segment, beating even some of the sedans of similar capabilities.

We are taking about the Fiat Chrysler’s Jeep brand, which is expected, actually announced by the company heads, to get launched in the Indian market by the beginning of the next fiscal year itself. Targeting the upper SUV market segment in the nation, Jeep is expected to arrive with its two most successful models called the Wrangler and the Jeep Grand Cherokee. The American brand, which was earlier reported to make this same entry in the year 2013 actually had to postpone that launch due to uncertainty of having a success in the market and that the brand might not be able to be presented much strongly that time. But now, as of the company officials suggest, the company is all set to unleash itself in the Indian Automobile Industry which is emerging as one of the most important market for most of the global brands as well.

For now, the company plans to introduce the brand with only two of their models, out of which, Wrangler is expected to be imported for sales while the Grand Cherokee might share the Fiat-Tata production line in India for a local overall production of the vehicle. Apart from that, if the company attains a certain level of expected success in the market, then a Compact SUV, Renegade, which currently only targets the American market may also start making a global appearance through the Indian Market as well. Also, company plans the launch to be grand with a further investment in the production line for expansion. Not just that, but the brand is also planning on to open at least 15-20 dealerships around the country for a more focused launch of their products. And later on, again depending on the success of the Brand, company might think of expanding the overall fleet of the brand to some 11 models in India alone.

But, worrying more about the future of the company, we can expect the vehicles offered will be a bit higher on price segment which may affect the sales and success of the Brand as well. Apart from that, Jeep vehicles are one of the most desirable SUVs with ultimate capabilities, and if endorsed well to a good success of the brand, we may also witness some of the finest upcoming products lined up by the company in future.

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