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Renault Fluence 2014 – Critic Reviews

Renault Fluence@ 14.22 - 15.81 Lakhs
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Renault’s this classy sedan has that entire features which are sufficient to appeal its users and critics as well. But when it comes to its brand image in country and its price, then trouble happens coz both points are being seen as drawbacks of this model of Renault somehow. Let’s have a look what critics have to say to on this updated look of Fluence.

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- Stunning glimpse, able to influence its customers with its classy and attractive outside glance.

- Full of requisite features at inside cabin and in safety terms as well. Justifying the price tag of Fluence somehow.

- Availability of diesel fuel unit which is more demanding now-a-days.

- Powerful engine with impressive produced power and torque.

- Outstanding on-road performance, decent handling and balanced riding.

- Further, certified mileage of this classy Fluence 2014 is 20.4 km/l which is quite impressive.

- Spacious inside cabin including car boot of 530 liters, also with enough legroom and headroom.


- Though diesel is more demanding over petrol but still there are petrol model’s admirers in India too. And unavailability of petrol trim could disappoint them as there are no choice now in Fluence.

- Automatic transmission gearbox is missing.

- Price seems expensive. Fluence 2014 comes at the price tags of 13.99 lakhs and 15.49 lakhs.

- There are plenty no. of other appealing models at same cost or even at lesser price range. Renault Duster (SUV), Maruti Suzuki Ertiga (MPV) and Ford EcoSport (SUV) are few of them.

- Material quality used in Fluence doesn’t satisfy completely, its good though but not of excellent level.

- Renault’s brand image in India is not shining like its other rivals. It is comparatively new and somehow lacks down on the basis of reliability.

- There is also insufficient no. of service centers of this French car manufacturer Renault which somehow results as not so good after sale services to the customers.

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