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New Tata Aria – User Reviews

Tata Aria Facelift@ 9.95 - 14.74 Lakhs
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Recently, Tata Motors has launched the facelift version of its crossover car Aria and along with this company is expecting once again to get appropriate sales figures for it. Well, it has no doubt that Tata Motors is failing to get the deserving success of its trendy SUV, but still there are a group of permanent customers of Tata who loves to buy this brand’s models. Let’s have a look what users are saying.


Powerful engine and smooth drive.

A customer told us that Aria is surely a car in crossover segment which I would love to have. The reason is its powerful engine. Despite having a big size, it still doesn’t feel heavy and drive smoothly. If you look for performance while choosing a car then definitely this one is worth to take.

Long, muscular, spacious and enriches in features…surely a great package.

Tata has done a fabulous job by giving the car a powerful, solid built look with lots of trendy interior features as well. One can get premium feel after sitting in it.


Disappointed from Tata Motors coz of its false commitment in after sale service.

“I’ve had a worse experience in its after sale service. Tata’s dealers don’t seem serious to give a better satisfied service to its customer and this is the only reason I stop people to but a Tata model now”, stated a user.

Car is good but its market response forces to think twice.

Again same problem with customers. They say that Aria is good but its market response is not. And when it’s about a quite expensive car then definitely one will want something which will be applauded by other people as well.

Seems like even Tata is confused whether it’s a SUV or MPV.

In our process to discuss the people’s experience of Aria, we get a quite funny statement. A user said, “It seems like even Tata is confused whether it’s a SUV or MPV, I think company wanted to make a MPV but somehow ended up by building a SUV and Aria’s size and dimension proves that.”

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