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Comparison of Hyundai i10 vs Chevrolet Beat

Chevrolet Beat@ 3.97 - 5.94 lakhs, Hyundai i10@ 3.81 - 5.54 Lakhs
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Both Hyundai and Chevrolet are known to be the masters of the budget category cars. In terms of market foot print in India Hyundai prevails as the front runner. The I10 from Hyundai is one of their best selling cars in India. The new revamped I10 comes with a better performance and pricing. Though Design hasn’t been the selling factor of I10, they have a strong hold in terms of other factors such as a frugal engine and fuel efficiency. Hyundai has managed to market their products well. This has given them considerable popularity among the Indian car buyers.

Design has been one of the selling factors of Chevrolet. They have managed to bring in sophistication with every new release. Beat remains one of the strongest mid-range cars from Chevrolet both in terms of price and performance. Beat has managed to creep in the already crowded market of small cars. It’s been fondly known for its catchy and pep design and has managed to have a strong hold in the Indian market.

Taking an insight into the technical aspects of the cars, Hyundai I10 comes with 1.1 liter iRDE2 petrol variation while Chevrolet Beat  comes with 1.0 liter diesel and 1.2 petrol engine types.  Hyundai I10 has various models under its name such as the Sports, Magna and Era slightly varying with each other mainly in terms of engine types. Hyundai I10 claims a mileage of 19.81 km/l while Chevrolet Beat  boasts of a better mileage of 25.44 km/l for its diesel variation and 18.6 km/l for petrol.

The engine of the Beat lacks the intensity and the engine feels the need for more power. The I10 has a powerful engine and easily overtakes in an open road. Hyundai I10‘s Kappa2 engines excel on the papers but doesn’t manage to impress with its fuel efficiency numerical. The Beat and i10 both comes with a 5 speed manual gear box.

The Beat  has a decent suspension and handling but it doesn’t provide an enjoyable ride around the bends and undulated roads while the I10 fares well with the suspension and provides a more comfortable and easy ride around the bends , thanks to the well-designed suspensions.

The Beat mainly due to its affordable pricing misses out few of the important safety specs such as a standard anti-lock braking, anti-theft alarm, front and side Impact beams and an all-important driver airbag while the I10 accommodates the above features in its standard Era versions . The Beat comes with some additional specs such as automatic air control, smoke headlamps and remote trunk opener which are absent in the I10 . They may be of no bigger significance but they give Beat an edge when comes to the style factor.

Talking about the interiors, Beat comes with a happening and funky interiors which scores way above I10 . It has got a digital tachometer which goes well with the stylish interiors. The speedometer comes with a blue lit dial which adds to the visual treat. The front dock is made up of plastic which looks and feels decent and well-furnished with in-dash music system. Interiors of I10 are much conventional and ordinary when compared to Beat . The boot space is comfortable and large in the i10 considering the size of the ride. The seats are not leather and that doesn’t surprises since both the cars are meant to be affordable mid-level cars.

Chevrolet Beat comes with a price tag in-between 3.9-5.93 lakhs while i10 is priced around 3.87-4.62 lakhs based on the models.

Final Verdict – If you’re looking to flaunt your car and look stylish, then Definitely Beat scores high with its design. The futuristic interiors and eye-catching exteriors bring in a lot of cookie points for Beat While I10 is the car if you can ignore the looks and are the person who believes in powerful performance at an affordable pricing.

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