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Honda Amaze vs Fiat Punto Abarth

Honda Amaze@ 5.18 - 8.20 Lakhs, Fiat Abarth Punto@ 9.95 Lakhs

If you have ever concluded back in your mind that India is obsessed with efficient driving strictly, then you might want to give your thought a second shot with these back to back launches of performance class vehicles, categorized according to their respective catalog and variants in India. And to keep the heat fiery, we announce a fierce comparison between two cars. One of which is a sure shot hit in the market as soon as it hit its selling shores, the Honda Amaze with an amazing and outstanding customer/consumer response and its counterpart is a vehicle still to be launched in India but thrills and chills many with what it represents itself on papers. We are talking about the Fiat Abarth Punto, which will be produced in India or perhaps be brought to India under the collaboration program with ABARTH MOTORS.

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To begin with, the design schemes of both vehicles are comparable only in a parallel universe as one is a hatchback and the other is a compact sedan. The Amaze is properly based on the Brio design structure with an added boot space and finesse of a proper car which makes it a complete aesthetic package for an average Indian buyer and with lots of practicality and rigidity in compound. But we were talking about the performance buying right? And that is not limited to engine capabilities only, but aesthetics and built has to speak for the performance intact. And that is how the stuff is all packed in the upcoming Punto. With not so many things revealed as yet about the Punto, we believe the car will follow up the conventional Punto scheme but on a very high note, doped highly and brutally with performance even in the design alimentation. Expect sporty lines, dramatic paintjob and other dramatic stuff. And with that, we don’t think we really need any competition between these two.

Inside, the Amaze is rich and gives you premium feel with loads of features for your fun, entertainment and safety of course but then, there would be this unleashed devil, the little italiono beast, Punto. Expect high level of trims, gadgetry and uber class safety and serenity features as it will be here as a CBU product. As they say,” with great powers, comes great responsibilities!” so, we really expect(and nothing else we can do) it to be par surmounted then other cars. Comparing these two will be an interesting job here, but we still believe the Punto to be a winner here. But! We’ll see the rest in future.

Now, coming to the main aspect of the scenario, the Amaze is all efficient and economical with a 1.5 litre i-Dtec engine made to deliver the best at the cheapest. On the other hand, Punto is expected to be blessed with a 1.4 litre T-Jet engine, used in the Linea T-Jet as for the time, but doped to roar a good 110+ Bhp on chores. Expect a 5-speed Auto ‘Box as standard and optional which is altogether missing in the amaze. Apart from that, we only know the case about Amaze which is serious and impresses the customers all around till date. And the Amaze is perfect and ideal for the city rides, while the highway cruises will leave you in a “so-so” condition in ur mind above. And to know more about the on paper and on road dynamics of the punto, we have to wait till its launch or any further declaration about the same.

So towards the end, we believe that the new Punto is not going to be cheap and to be on a safer side against any shock, we keep the expected price range around 9-12 lacs where on the other hand, the Amaze at around 4-7 lacs is adequate and ideal for an average Indian buyer. While the Punto will match up to you if don’t just believe in covering point A to B plainly, but to fill up the spaces in total outlandish and leash-less performance.

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