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Home Reviews & FeaturesBMW 6 Series Gran Coupe – User reviews

BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe – User reviews

BMW 6 Series@ 1.14 - 1.21 Crores

So, we drove the new BeeM, the 6 series coupe and we are in love with it. But what matters also, is how people amongst you feel for it, if you are pocket stuffed with greenery!

And as we said earlier, you just can’t go and have a test run of a 1 crore worth car, and that’s why we here, try to bring you close to that experience after gathering different comments and compliments, straight from the guys who either own it, or the ones who are wealthy enough to drive down these mean beauties. Let’s get started!

Our first driver Here is a fine lady in her 30s and owns an earlier version of this car. She is sharp and precise in looks and hence likes this car for the same level of sharpness it provides her with. She says she doesn’t know much about the techno-mechanical stuff of this car, but she liked the recent changes made in this Coupe than the one she owns already. Although she complains about the failures of this new variant in exciting her dynamically, which was really hard to believe!

But, being a bit diplomatic about this vehicle, she seems all convinced about it after having a nice driving session with it and likes the interiors with a lot of leather to match up her personality and the color options, so she can keep the whole scenario a bit light inside.
Apart from that, she was really impressed by how the things go inside this car with everything at your reach and command. Just the way she likes it! She says its fast, and its really really fast that there were moments she thought she would lose control on it with such lightness on the steering as compared to its overall pull.

The shifts are nice and she really liked those little blasts while it shifts up! And she won’t mind adding this too, to her garage and taking it to those of her elegant parties and be the attention of every eye! So yes, this car is a hit from her side.

Another guy, who recently bought this car as soon as it hit the showrooms was totally starstruck over his decision of buying this car.
He is now so obsessed with this car that all the other cars wait inside his garage for him to drive but he just can’t get enough if this heartthrob! He takes this car everywhere including office, shopping, parties and even to make his highway bound trips which he used to make in one of his SUVs!

He adds further and says”, this car here is so charming and appealing, that you literally need confidence to carry it over well, while you enjoy inside like you are enjoying in a Royce, but the mob outside gets the feel that you are literally driving a Lamborghini with those sound tripping it makes. You know, you actually have to live a life of balance between them, like you don’t wanna lose those images it form in them mind.” That was seriously something deep about this car ever Said, thanks to this guy!

Now what he seriously misses as he points out is a bit smoother dual clutch box in this car, the one currently serving in the international version of the M6 coupe and and this tourer feels a bit of body roll when thrown across the corners and he hates it because he complains that this car has made him behave like an over-excited hyper kid who is always greedy to push this car to its limit and sometimes across that. Crossing that three digit speed bar in 5 secs or so is his favourite part. And his ownership of this car is really and surely a prouder one with such great remarks.

And apart from these two rich-brats, when asked about what the common Indians feel about this car, they were more than happy to consider it an appropriate equal to a Ferrari! That’s how it sounds. But people! Really? A Ferrari? Maybe not a Ferrari, but this car has surely proven its sound listened and is surely ahead of most of its rival coupes and so called super coupes!

P.S- If you have money to blow, then buy one now! You will never regret! Go!

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