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Audi A8 L – User Reviews

Audi A8 L@ 1.07 - 1.77 Crore
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First ever made its debut in the year 1994, Audi A8 launched its upgraded edition this year after 10 years and many generations in between from its first launch. This year seems special for Audi not only because it celebrates 10 successful and rich years which its flagship Saloon completes, but also as this year itself, A8 remarks its fresh and revamped version of the 3rd Gen of itself. Apart from that, in a period of 10 nice years, this car has developed and adopted a lot of changes which had always made it keep going and that too in total grace and elegance. So, celebrating these 10 years, we brought to you a full cover story of Audi A8 L through our various sections. And continuing with the same, it’s time for us to get you what its users, people amongst you really think about this new and refreshed version of the Audi A8 L. This car had really been a favorite amongst not only its users and owners, but also amongst people who are fanatical about wheels, and so it will be an interesting thing to see how well this new version of this car gets appreciated as we managed to get into a Company-Customer ceremony over its launch.


1. Elegant yet solid Audi styling

This has been a pioneering milestone for Audi since ever that people usually get flattered even with the way they make their vehicles look. And continuing the same legacy, we really believe Audi has done it again with people hailing very curiously and excitingly about the new design cues of this mean yet sophisticated Luxury Saloon car which looks solid and elegantly sporty all at the same time. And whoever we managed to talk and ask about this vehicle, seemed not just fun-filled, but very impressed with the way Audi had refreshed this car without overdoing it in any way.

2. Matrix LED, much appreciated

Apart from its new design hints, another big feature for which people seemed appreciating the new Audi A8 was its Matrix LED headlight system which not only behaves adaptively, but also increases and decreases the light intensity according to situation, while taking care of even the traffic coming from the opposite direction by decreasing the sharpness of the light so that, they don’t become blind the way they become facing the usual HIDs or Xenon lamps. This unique and adaptive functionality of the car was much appreciated by the customers and spectators when told about by the Audi team during the program.

3.  Best-In-Class(ish) interiors

Despite of its many new and exciting features, the car became a centre of attraction amongst its customer and expected buyers for its very melodious and synchronized interiors which they even declared to be the best in class. As one of the ladies says, “I don’t care about how many extra features the other German or Italian or English manufacturers might display, for me nothing can ever beat the plush and richness of Audi in comfort, styling and technology.” And we agreed.

4.  Best Driving dynamics

Facial and internal features apart, if we talk about the car’s driving abilities then most of the people, test car drivers and even some of the big and veteran Automobile experts who were there, could not resist but sing about the ultra sheer driving abilities of this huge car. Despite of its big size, this car challenges all the norms associated to luxury cars regarding their not so good cornering and handling ability as it performs par excellence on those sections. As the response we gathered from the people, it was clear that Audi has finally evoked from its Un-driver-friendly car maker’s image, right with this car in the market balancing the whole case so well.

5. Vivid and performance oriented engines

The engine offerings for this car by Audi in particular gets much appreciation by the people with two diesel and one petrol engines under the hoods for better than ever, more precise and efficient performance. This simply was seen to be bliss amongst people.


1. No S8 for India as of now

On one hand while this car seemed amazing people with its great engine trim options, some enthusiastic and fan boy people were also seen regretting about Audi not launching the S8 (sports version) in India as of now which is expected to sport a hyper and insanely power plugged 6.2 W12 engine. We expect Audi to launch that soon, until then, we take it as a healthy dislike with a scope of improvement for this particular car.

2.  Minor dislikes

After this, you can’t really ask for a more perfect car from Audi really! This car is not just insanely packed with all the modern gimmicky features, but also balances a lot, unlike other high-end- luxury cars, of the unmatched power and stability it infuses. Still, a few minor lacks like a bit less features for safety and creature comforts as the new Benz S class offers were some to be pointed out by people which surely be missed in this car.

Apart from that, we don’t think people with millions in their bank accounts would complain anything about this car.

Final Verdict

This car is surely a hit amongst the people who can afford it. With more sense, sophistication and genes of a glorious sports star image, “this car is actually, such a luxury yacht, which you’ll feel bad to be in any ways but on a positive and tempting note because if you’ll be driving it, you’ll miss all the fun you can have on the back seat, while on the other hand if you’ll relax on this ultra comfy car’s backseat, you’ll make yourself unaware of its ultra refreshing driving feel,’’ ends one of the Audi Team members to conclude and finally sum it all up.

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