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5 Ways to Survive a Car Blaze

Car blazes or car catching fire is no new thing we come across in our daily lives. But the thing is that being very common, it’s still one of the most fatal incidents we witness, which causes a big, heavy loss on our precious vehicles and most importantly to our lives. For the records, just a report of fatal car blazes reveals a minimum of 2 deaths due to car fires in Delhi NCR region only, every month. Reasons are many i.e. electrical faults, fuel leakage, CNG kit failure, accidents and in this weather, heat itself works as a secondary fire creating failures to many engine components due to overheat and causing an immediate breakout of fire. And so, today, in the time and the season when the chances of coming across with hazardous Car Blaze is at its peak, we have brought to you 5 ways to survive a Car Blaze in case you get into an unfortunate brawl with one such act.

1. Precautions

Against car fires, apart from taking secondary safety measures like keeping a fire extinguisher etc. a mode of primary safety precaution is also important.

  • This includes timely check-up and servicing of the car.
  • Check for any electrical failure.
  • Frequent checks for fuel and other oil leakages.
  • Complete top-up and level of engine coolant.
  • Any kind of tyre or other friction noticed should be rectified as soon as possible.
  • If car has a CNG kit, it needs extra care.
  • Driving and parking the car away from fatal heat zones.
  • And a proper check of car every time you leave home.
  • Apart from these precautions, a very healthy and newly famous way of filling Nitrogen Air into the tyres instead of conventional Oxygen is also recommended for added safety and longevity of tyres. It’ll not only increase the life of the tyres with better mileage counts, but also saves bursting of tyres in a case of fire breakout. But tyres with N2 gas need proper maintenance and are an expensive alternative otherwise.

2.  Immediate Response

Still, in case you come across with fire in your vehicle (small or big) you need to respond very quickly to it. Right from the time you sense even a small hint of burning smell or smoke, be quick in your actions and get out of the car, open up all the gates and windows and try to extinguish the fire as soon as possible with your secondary safety equipments so that the fire can be controlled then and there.

3.  Save Yourself, Prioritize Life

As soon as you realize, and that should be very quick, that the fire is out of your control to extinguish, just be smart and be wise. Get out and run away from the car, don’t think about your car and your belongings in it, save yourself and make sure to have your fellow passengers safe, if any.

4.  Be Smart, Act Accordingly

If in any case, the fire arises and you feel constrained inside of the car, just be wise and act swiftly yet smartly. Don’t ever try to break out from the direction in which the fire has its origin. Try to find an alternative way to get out, use an instrument to breakout and then, get away from the car as far as possible. Always remember your smartness and swiftness can save you in such conditions.

5. Call For Help

After making sure that you and your fellow passengers are out and away from the case scenario, call for emergency services right away. Even in an event of small breakout, emergency services should be bothered to stop the whole scenario taking a gigantic and life taking event for you and for the other people around you.

Even though we wish for your safe journeys, we want you people to be safe and hence, these easy and life saving ways can help you in emergency situations. Nobody wants to get caught in such situations ever, but that’s why we call them incidents and hence, we should be always geared for the worst case scenario.

Drive Safe, Be Safe and Act Smart.

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